There are Three (3) Species of Monkeys living in A World.

You have The Ape Tribe, they are one of them, Right...

...And you have The Bonobo Tribe, who have Specific Facial Characteristics but more or less resemble The Apes.

Now, it happens that a Small Percentage of The Bonobo Tribe live in Ape Society.

However, due to The Bonobos different Behavioural Patterns, they tend to Obtain Positions of Power within Apemerica.

You also have The Chimpanzees, who are an Ancient Race beloved by The Big Spirit.

What happens when The Bonobos claim they are The Chimpanzees?

And due to The Deception created by The Bonobos in Apemerica, it is Nearly Impossible to contest even The Possibility of Speculative or Abstract Thought suggesting The Bonobos are not of This Ancient Group.

The Bonobos invade and slaughter The Chimpanzee Tribe and claim they are The Tribe of The Big Spirit.

Apes, distracted by Low-tier Social Activism (A Debate over The Superior Color: Red or Blue?) encouraged by the Federal Bureau of Apemerica (Run by Bonobos?), do not Question why Their Bananas are directly subsidizing The Bonobo Tribe Actions.

A Hundred Years Ago, there was an Ape who claimed he did not believe in The Big Spirit, but his work was really a poor imitation of The Big Spirit's.

Some would say: The Great Spirit is dead, fellow monkeys! let us now stop being so naive! (... and then The Quality of Monkey State Infrastructure, Art, Culture and Architecture immediately dissolved, almost as if The Soul of Humanity was effectively ripped from Civilization in The Process)

As This Belief advanced, some began hoarding more bananas then they could eat.

The fact that most monkeys are eating Poisoned Bananas that affect their performance and keeps them eating the Poisoned Bananas (due to their Inability to reach for Higher Standards in Monkey Society because of their Lack of Energy) instead of The Good Stock that the Hoarder Monkeys are eating is not at all something to worry about or spend time Articulating through Ape Media, claim The Bonobos who write Articles for The Banana Journal.

Also, instead of Living in Nature made for them by The Great Spirit, the monkeys chose to create their own Lesser, History (which tells The Myth of The Life being on The Giant Orb, and of The Giant Bones of the Monsters of The Very Old, and that we Evolved from Little Orbs) This Myth justifies this Form of Existence and through Mud Squares the monkeys spend their Entire Lives organizing Banana Consumption.

Civilization became so distant from Monkey Nature, Direct Control and Faith in The Great Spirit and His Son that it Lacks any of the Things that made it Fulfilling in The First Place.